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No. 36 • January - June 2003 • Page 0
 •  About saint Josemaría

Some publications about St. Josemaría and Opus Dei

The publisher Verbinum of Warsaw has published 1000 copies of W ramionach Ojca, the Polish translation of a book by Andrea Mardegan containing a selection of texts from St. Josemaria on divine filiation. The prologue is by Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Archbishop of Milan.

Also in Poland, the Kamplus Sociey of Poznan has prepared a Polish version of The Saint of the Ordinary, a video by Alberto Michelini on the canonization of St. Josemaria.

In Italy the Leonardo Mondadori publishing company has published the Italian translation of the second volume of the biography of St. Josemaria by Andrés Vázquez de Prada, which covers the years 1936-1946. In the United States the English version of this book has been published by Scepter Publishers with the subtitle God and Daring.

Also in the United States a joint edition of Cures Through the Intercession of Josemaría Escrivá, by Flavio Capucci was brought out (Scepter Publishers and the Midwest Theological Forum), which is a translation of the Italian Un mondo di miracoli. The same author published in Spain: Favores que pedimos a los santos. 200 relatos en vivo de la intercesión de San Josemaría. This is a collection of 200 descriptions of favors received through the intercession of St. Josemaria.

Within its collection Ksiêga œwiêtych (Book of the Saints), Edipresse of Warsaw has published 70,000 copies of an illustrated magazine-style booklet dedicated entirely to St. Josemaria. Distributed on newsstands and by subscription, it contains articles on the life and message of the founder of Opus Dei.

In Lagos the first Nigerian edition of Conversations with Monsignor Escrivá de Balaguer has been published by Criterion Publishers.

In Spain two volumes on the canonization of Josemaria Escriva have been published. The first, from the publishing house Palabra, is entitled Canonización de Josemaría Escrivá. Crónica y homilías. The second, edited by Ediciones Rialp, includes many photographs of the founder of Opus Dei and is entitled La canonización de Josemaría Escrivá. 6 de octubre de 2002. This book was also published in Italian by Edizioni Ares and in German by Adamas Verlag.

Rialp has also published a book entitled Páginas de amistad. Relatos en torno a Encarnita Ortega, by Maite del Riego Ganuza, which is a collection of testimonies about this member of Opus Dei who met St. Josemaria in the 1940s.

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