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No. 46 • January - June 2008 • Page 120
 •  About saint Josemaría

New Publications

In the first half of 2008, three biographical sketches of St. Josemaría have been published in Italy. Their authors are: Michele Dolz (Mia madre la Chiesa [My Mother the Church], Edizioni San Paolo), Massimo Bettetini (Josemaría Escrivá, Edizioni Messagero) and Lorenzo Revojera (San Josemaría Escrivá, Edizioni Elledici-Verlar). Also published was Opus Dei: Un’inchiesta, an investigative report by the journalist Giovanni Minoli which is being distributed together with a DVD produced by Stefano Rizzelli (Rizzoli-Rai Eri).

The German translation of the final volume of the biography of St. Josemaría by Andrés Vázquez de Prada has been completed and published under the title: Der Gründer des Opus Dei, III: Die Römischen Jahre, by Adamas Verlag.

In the Philippines, a translation of The Way in the Hiligaynon language, entitled Ang Dalan, has been published. In Slovenia, the publishing company Celjska Mohorjeva Dru ûba has published Jezus Prihaja Mimo, the first Slovenian edition of Christ Is Passing By. A Slovenian edition of the homily Passionately Loving the World has also been published under the title Strastno Ljubiti Svet.

The book Holy Rosary has been published in Armenian along with two booklets of homilies, the first containing Passionately Loving the World, and the other combining Towards Holiness and A Life of Prayer.

In Poland an audio-CD edition (of 14,000 copies) of The Way of the Cross has been issued.

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