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No. 58 • January - June 2014 • Page 83
 •  About saint Josemaría

Other new publications

Books by St. Josemaría

Camino, Mexico City, Minos, 2014, 61st, 62nd, and 63rd Mexican editions of The Way.

Camino, Lima, Infobrax, 2014, 9th Peruvian edition.

Tarik, Beirut, Le Laurier, 2014, 3rd Arabic edition of The Way.

Surco, Mexico City, Minos, 2014, 17th Mexican edition of Furrow.

Kuznia, Poznan, Swiety Wojciech, 2014, 7th Polish edition of The Forge.

The publisher Swiety Wojciech of Poznan, has revised the 16th ed. of Droga (The Way), and the 8th ed. of Burzda (Furrow). The translation has been improved and Scripture references have been added on the margins alongside points, to facilitate their consultation.

Gorukhan Mukjuei kido, Seoul, His Way Inc., 2014, 1st ed. of Holy Rosary in Korean.

Santo Rosario, Mexico City, Minos, 2014, 29th Mexican edition.

Via Sacra, Lisbon, Encontro da Escrita, 2014, 4th Portuguese edition of The Way of the Cross.

Krasten Pat, Sophia, Bulgaria, Fundacion Communitas, 2014, 1st Bulgarian edition of The Way of the Cross.

Ristitee, Tallin, Logos, 2014, 2nd Estonian edition of The Way of the Cross.

Es Cristo que pasa, Mexico City, Minos, 2014, 13th Mexican edition.

Pogovori z mons. Escrivájem de Balaguerjem, Ljubljana, Rivez, 2014, 1st ed. of Conversations with Msgr Escrivá in Slovenian

Amar al mundo apasionadamente, México City, Minos, 2014, 8th Mexican edition of Passionately Loving the World.

El matrimonio, vocación cristiana, Mexico City, Minos, 2014, 13th Mexican edition.

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Books about St. Josemaría

Entre la noche y la esperanza: El paso de san Josemaría Escrivá a través de los Pirineos en el otoño de 1937 [Between the night and hope: The passage of St. Josemaría Escrivá through the Pyrenees in the autumn of 1937], Jordi Piferrer i Deu, Lleida, Milenio, 2014, 1st Spanish edition, 331 pages.

Ganz einfach heilig: Cesar Ortiz erzählt über seinen heiligen Freund Josemaría Escrivá [Quite simply holy: Cesar Ortiz speaks about his saintly friend, Josemaría Escrivá], Martin Lohmann, Kißlegg, Christiana-Verlag, 2014

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