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          • No. 31 / July - December 2000  


In the Third Millenium

Holy See

  The Roman Pontiff
Address at the Prayer Vigil of World Youth Day (August 19, 2000)
Homily at Holy Mass at World Youth Day (August 20, 2000)
Homily at the Jubilee of University Professors (September 10, 2000)
Homily at the Jubilee of Bishops (October 8, 2000)
Homily at the Jubilee of Families (October 15, 2000)
Homily at the Conclusion of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 (January 6, 2001)
Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte (January 6, 2001)
  The Roman Curia
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Declaration Dominus Iesus (August 6, 2000)
Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts: Declaration on not admitting to communion divorced faithful who have remarried (July 6, 2000)
  Review of Other Documents
A review of other documents

From the Prelate and the Auxiliary Vicar

  Establishment of New Circumscriptions
Establishment of new circumscriptions
Decree of appointment of the Regional Vicar of Argentina
Decree of appointment of the Regional Vicar of Austria
Decree of appointment of the Regional Vicar of India
  Activities of the Prelate
Establishment of new Centers of the Prelature
Priestly ordinations
Participation in the Jubilee of university professors
Participation in the Jubilee of Families
Pastoral Trips
Madrid -- September 3, 2000
Rome -- September 9, 2000
Rome -- October 9, 2000
Rome -- October 26, 2000
Rome -- November 29, 2000
  Other Presentations
Rome -- September 7, 2000
Vatican City -- October 14, 2000
Rome -- October 9, 2000
  Articles and Interviews
Lisbon, Portugal -- July, 2000
Vatican City -- September 15, 2000
Milan, Italy -- October 1, 2000
Braga, Portugal -- October 2, 2000

About saint Josemaría

New editions of the works of Blessed Josemaria
El bullir de la sangre de Cristo, a study of Blessed Josemaria’s theological teachings
A book about professional work
Historical Testimony
The first biography in Russian of the Founder of Opus Dei
A chapel in Washington dedicated to Blessed Josemaria
Dedication of a street in Terrasini, Sicily (Italy)
A plaque commemorating the place where Opus Dei was founded


Pontifical appointments
Confessionsin St. Peter's during the Jubilee
Opening of the Cause of Canonization for Dr. Ernesto Cofiño
Thousands of families attend Marian Congress in Torreciudad
The Sedes Sapientiae International Seminary begins a new year


  In Brief
Bethlehem -- Intercultural crossroad
Budapest (Hungary) -- Supporters of life
London (Great Britain) -- "Medical research" for students at Ashwell House
Managua (Nicaragua) -- In outlying urban districts
Montevideo (Uruguay) -- Educational formation by the C.A.D.I.
Nairobi (Kenya) -- Kimlea School Medical Camp at Tigoni
Pamplona (Spain) -- The Gospel of St. Mark for the whole university
Piura (Peru) -- Jubilee of university students
Rome -- Humanizing work
Rome -- Health center for the aged
San Jose (Costa Rica) -- Impact of globalization on human life
St. Petersburg (Russia) -- Social work during vacations
São Paulo (Brazil) -- International Symposium on Family Medicine
Sydney (Australia) -- Thirty years at Creston College
Tegucigalpa (Honduras) -- "One on One," initiatives in solidarity
Valladolid (Spain) -- Third Liturgical Conference

In Pace

In Pace
Precedent issues
Useful links
The Vatican
Opus Dei
Writings of the Founder of Opus Dei
Josemaría Escrivá - Founder of Opus Dei
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