Pilgrims at the Prelatic Church

During this Holy Year, the church of Our Lady of Peace, like many other Roman churches, is a place of prayer visited by pilgrims from all over the world coming to Rome to gain the Jubilee indulgence. Moved by their devotion to Blessed Josemaria, they come to the Prelatic Church to seek his intercession and to venerate his relics, interred in a casket under the altar. Faithful of the Prelature, in addition, are able to gain the Jubilee indulgences in the church of Our Lady of Peace itself.[1]

To facilitate the reception of groups of pilgrims, an informative brochure was published to help them find the church and give notice in advance of their arrival. The brochure also contains a list of the places where the Holy Year indulgence can be gained and information on the requirements for gaining it.

Throughout these months there has been a continual arrival of people who come to invoke the intercession of Blessed Josemaria and to ask God for a great variety of graces: the conversion of a friend, reestablishment of family peace, overcoming a problem, curing a sickness. Often the motive for coming is to give thanks to our Lord, who always listens to humble and persevering prayer.

[1] Cf. Decree of December 8, 1999 on the Jubilee in the Prelatic Church of Our Lady of Peace, Romana, no. 29

Romana, n. 30, January-June 2000, p. 0.

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