Participation in the Jubilee of Families

The International Theological Congress on the Family was one of the central acts of the Third World Meeting of the Holy Father with families, which took place from October 11 to 13 in preparation for the Jubilee of Families held on October 14 and 15 in St. Peter’s Square.

The Congress had as its title “Children, Springtime of the Family and of Society.” Fifty experts from around the world took part and addressed a number of key topics: children as a gift to the family and to humanity; their rights; present-day dangers; the culture of life; education for love; maternity; evangelization.

Bishop Echevarría intervened in the Congress on Friday the 13th in the evening. In his talk[3] he spoke about the sanctification of family life and explained specifically the educational role of the “Institutes for the Family,” promoted by some of the faithful and cooperators of the Opus Dei Prelature. He pointed out that political initiatives, informational efforts, and cultural efforts are undoubtedly important. “But, I think,” he added, “that the field in which the future of the family is particularly at stake is education. To truly defend the family, we must, above all, educate it.”

[3] See his full intervention on page 251.

Romana, n. 31, July-December 2000, p. 228.

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