Priestly ordinations

Bishop Echevarría conferred priestly ordination on 21 deacons of the Opus Dei Prelature on the evening of September 9 in the Roman Basilica of St. Eugene. The previous Sunday he had conferred it on three other deacons of the Prelature, in the Basilica of St. Michael in Madrid. The new priests are from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Peru, Portugal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Bishop Echevarria recalled in his homily on September 9,[1] that the Trinitarian and Eucharistic character of the Jubilee Year was “reflected in this celebration” since the “ministerial priesthood is one of the greatest gifts of the Blessed Trinity to mankind..., granted to the Church when Jesus instituted the Eucharist.”

The Prelate asked for a heart like that of Christ’s for the new priests, so that “the awareness of their personal fragility will not separate them from confident dedication to their ministry.” And he asked everyone to pray to the Blessed Trinity for many vocations to the priesthood in the Church.

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[1] See Homily, p. 233.

Romana, n. 31, July-December 2000, p. 227.

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