Budapest (Hungary) -- Supporters of life

Two social institutions located in the Hungarian capital, the Peteny orphanage and a shelter for the elderly, were the scene of “Project Budapest 2000,” now in its third year. The program of social volunteerism, with its theme “Protagonists of life, for oneself and for others,” was organized by the Italian Riparia Cultural Center of Turin and L’Arengo Cultural Center of Bologna, in collaboration with the Fenyvesliget Kulturalis Kozpont of Hungary.

The Italian and Hungarian college and high school girls provided assistance to the children and the elderly in the two institutions. In the orphanage they assisted three hundred children below the age of three, some of them affected by congenital infirmities. In the home for the aged they helped care for the old people and carried out cleaning and maintenance projects in their rooms.

Romana, n. 31, July-December 2000, p. 281.

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