Montevideo (Uruguay) -- Educational formation by the C.A.D.I.

For more than ten years the C.A.D.I. (Centro Apoyo para el Desarollo Integral [Social Center for Integral Development]) has offered the people of “La Cantera” and other outlying sections of Montevideo a day-care service, workshops for women, and consulting services addressing medical, legal, and social problems.

The center provides a program for tutoring girls in the first years of secondary school. This program also provides attention to women who, for various reasons, have had to give up their studies and would like to begin again. Often this is a question of women who, besides taking care of their family, have to work outside the home, which has prevented them from regular attendance at schools for adults. In both cases the C.A.D.I. program helps those attending to carry out their studies at a rate commensurate with their personal circumstances.

This year, a group of university women from the Residencia Del Mar, a corporate work of Opus Dei, took part each Saturday in this activity. Besides planning meetings, the students carried out tests in the nearby districts to evaluate the level of education of the people living there. They also started a program to solicit funds for educational purposes and created a library of books used in the high schools of the area as well as other books of general interest.

The program seeks not simply to impart information, but also to encourage good study habits based on order, punctuality and constancy. The students are helped to discover that study is not only a way of improving academically but also as persons and as Christians.

Romana, No. 31, July-December 2000, p. 282-283.

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