Nairobi (Kenya) -- Kimlea School Medical Camp at Tigoni

For over a year medical attention has been provided on a regular basis to people from the villages around Kimlea Girls’ Technical Training Center. This center offers courses of professional training to students who come from the families of workers on the tea and coffee plantations. The wages these workers receive are barely enough to support themselves, and they cannot afford either medical attention or medicines.

This initiative arose among university women associated with the Women in Science Club, organized by Fanusi Study Center in Nairobi, who wished to dedicate their time to some type of social work. Twenty students from the schools of medicine, pharmacy and nursing at Nairobi University work under the guidance of Dr. Lucy Mungai, Dr. Wangari Karuru and Dr. Kue Thang’a. Hence was born Kimlea School Medical Camp-Tigoni.

On the third Saturday of each month, Kimlea is converted into a clinic which is visited by some 80 patients. The nursing students perform routine tests while the doctors hold consultations with patients. The medicines that are distributed to those who need them come from donations that the students solicit from pharmaceutical companies during the month.

Kimlea gives the university girls not only the opportunity of offering their services and technical knowledge for the benefit of the most needy but also of providing human and Christian formation in this rural area.

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