Rome -- Health center for the aged

On June 11 the first building of the Campus Bio-Medico University was inaugurated in Trigoria, a community to the southeast of Rome. Other buildings will be constructed here in the next few years to form the definitive campus of the new university. At the present time the Campus Bio-Medico and its university hospital are located in provisional quarters to the east of Rome. The new building will be a Health Center for the Aged.

Some five hundred people attended the inauguration ceremony, among them the mayor of Rome. Many of those present had helped in various ways to make this new center a reality, including the movie actor Alberto Sordi. In the addresses, academic officials reminded those present that the university, of which the new center forms part, is inspired by the teachings of the founder of Opus Dei.

Romana, n. 31, July-December 2000, p. 285.

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