Tegucigalpa (Honduras) -- "One on One," initiatives in solidarity

A group of high school students from Club Espavel, in Tegucigalpa, took part in a program of educational and social assistance to 12 and 13-year-old boys from families of limited income in one of the largest poor areas of the city.

The program called “one on one” consists in students in the last year of high school dedicating two hours a week to providing personalized study help to students from the Juan Ramon Molina school. The plan begins with a session assessing the needs of each child in such areas as mathematics, natural science, Spanish and civics. Afterwards, the boys attend a talk of Christian formation, followed by a session of sports and some refreshments.

In addition to the personal attention, those who work as tutors also make visits to the families of the boys to encourage the parents to take an interest in the activities of their children and to provide some material help.

The administration of the Juan Ramon Molina school has asked that the program be continued during the next school year.

Romana, n. 31, July-December 2000, p. 287-288.

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