To serve the neediest

Bogotá, Colombia

On November 23, 78 volunteers from the University of Sabana participated in the fifth Sabana Mission Day, which provided help to 300 families in the neighborhoods of Bojacá, Fonquetá, Mercedes de Calahorra and Las Delicias, all part of the township of Chía, a community close to the university.

Sabana Mission is a project of the University Solidarity and Welfare office. This office provides various services such as medical consultations, free legal assistance, vaccinations, distribution of clothes, and even the distribution of a type of candy typical of the area known as “obleas,” which the poor cannot afford very often. The children of the area also join the volunteers in sports and other recreational activities.

“The satisfaction of helping others and a child’s smile can dispel any fatigue or discouragement,” says Maria Gutierrez, the director of the office. This social assistance work is financed by donations from students, families, businesses and administrative personnel at the university.

Romana, n. 35, July-December 2002, p. 362.

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