In regard to the sickness of Pope John Paul II (April 1, 2005)

In response to the sickness of John Paul II

In the midst of the peace that the Holy Father always conveys to us, we are all deeply concerned by the recent turn in the health of our beloved John Paul II.

I recently learned that he wanted to pray the Stations of the Cross today, to meditate again on the sufferings of Our Lord. We unite ourselves to the prayers of the Pope, who is giving us so clear an example, in the midst of his suffering, of the trust that comes from being with Jesus.

I pray for his Holiness, for all that he bears in his soul. And I ask God to accompany him, to fill him with his light, and to flood him even more with serenity.

I am sure that I am speaking for multitudes of people in saying that we Catholics, in particular, wish we could be at his side, accompanying him moment by moment, not leaving him night and day. We can do that with our prayers. Today, the first Friday of the month, is a good occasion to pray to Our Lord in the Eucharist for our beloved Pope.

Romana, n. 40, January-June 2005, p. 77.

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