Las Pinas (Philippines) -- Young people and the future of the country

Alliance for the Family is an initiative begun by some faithful and cooperators of Opus Dei Its objective is to actively promote the defense of the family: in the first place through campaigns oriented to fostering positive legislation. The juvenile section of Alliance for the Family was born in September, 2004, and five months later organized its first interscholastic contest: On-the-spot Writing. The awarding of prizes took place on February 12 in the Narra Club.

Nadia, a fourth-year high school student, received first prize for her essay, in which she said, among other things: “Young people make up 15% of the Philippine population and we can become a determining factor in exposing certain fallacies that are spread as supposedly scientific facts. A widespread prejudice is that with less people the per-capita income will increase. The fact is just the reverse: more people in the work force means more income for everyone. Let our country maintain its present rate of growth in population so that there will be more people earning income in comparison to the number of those dependent on others’ income.”

Romana, No. 40, January-June 2005, p. 151.