Moergestel (Netherlands) -- Educating in the faith: where to begin?

A Family Day, organized by the SOKA foundation, was held in the Zonnewende Conference Center on May 7, with about 200 people taking part. The conference had as its focus “Educating in the faith: where to begin?” Babi Rieu and Bert Buirma, the parents of five children between the ages of ten and sixteen, offered their experiences on the religious formation of their children in school and in the family. They emphasized three basic ideas: living the faith in a natural way; personal prayer in the family and by the family; and finally, for the parents as well as their children, the realization that personal formation is never finished. They also spoke about the role of the sacraments (the Eucharist, Penance and Confirmation) in their children’s life, stressing the need to explain them in a practical way and to focus on the central concerns for each stage in their children’s development.

During the conference, those taking part had the opportunity to browse through recent catechetical material.

The Family Day also included a parallel program for children with quite a different theme: “Discovering nature.” It included games and walks in the surrounding area.

Romana, No. 42, January-June 2006, p. 126-127.

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