Santiago (Chile) -- The historical figure of Jesus Christ

In May, more than three hundred people attended a seminar entitled “True God and True Man,” held in the auditorium of the library of the University of the Andes. The speakers were the Vice-Chancellor and the Dean of the School of Theology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

The Vice-Chancellor, Bishop Andres Arteaga, made reference to certain publicity campaigns centered on erroneous views of Christ. He said that these provided “an opportunity to speak well and in an attractive way about Jesus Christ and the Church.” He cited documents of the Second Vatican Council and words of John Paul II that invite the faithful to contemplate the face of Christ and to try to reflect it. He spoke of the need to “walk more quickly, in a more generous and effective way” on the path to knowing Jesus, the Gospels and the supernatural nature of the Church.

For his part, the Dean of the School Theology at the Catholic University of Chile, Samuel Fernandez, noted that “the solid and serious historical studies that show us the faith as a reasonable option contrast with the lack of seriousness and the fragile arguments of those who, in recent times, are trying to deform Christ’s face.” He called attention to the lack of seriousness with which certain writers, with purely commercial ends, interpret the apocryphal gospels. He ended his intervention by encouraging those present to maintain a living and personal relationship with God through reading the Gospels, participation in the Eucharist, and meditation on and study of the mysteries of Christ’s life.

Romana, No. 42, January-June 2006, p. 131-132.

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