Montevideo (Uruguay) -- "Living as a Family: Home Zoom"

The third session of the South American Service Conference was held under the title “Living as a Family: Home Zoom,” on October 13 and 14. The focus this year was on the influence of the communication media in creating public opinion regarding the service sector, especially work in the home. Among the young women taking part in the conference were 75 Chilean students, 34 Argentineans, 22 Paraguayans and 25 Uruguayans.

On Saturday, October 13, participants gathered at the “Cabildo” in downtown Montevideo to discuss service tasks from various perspectives. Enrique Baliño, a person with an outstanding academic and managerial career in Latin America and the United States, spoke on “Attitudes and Success.” He emphasized that success cannot be measured only by results, and stressed the need for four qualities: a positive outlook, knowing how to work as a team, a desire to improve, and a sense of responsibility. Other presentations on more specific topics were given by Catalina Bermúdez, Virginia Chaquiriand de Mera and Maria Laura Rodriguez.

On the same day, a panel discussion was held with two journalists: Natalia Roba and Carina Novarese. The former spoke about informative and entertainment programs that transmit testimonies about family life, which draw a larger audience than police series and sensational programs. Carina Novarese spoke about combining dedication to her work outside the home with her role as a mother who needs to reserve time and energy for her husband and children.

On Sunday, the 14th, the participants gathered at the Del Plata School of Hostelry and Gastronomy, the organizing entity. Competitions were held in cooking and hostelry. An Argentinean team presented the results of research on the gastronomic habits of certain countries such as Russia and Korea. And a Uruguayan group presented a report on the compatibility of work in the home and outside the home. Their optimistic conclusion was: “We’re young. We can do it!”

Romana, No. 45, July-December 2007, p. 321.

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