Publishing news

On May 25, the first edition of Camino published in Santo Domingo was presented in the Embajador Hotel in Santo Domingo, with a talk by the philosopher Tulio Espinosa. Among other dignitaries present at the ceremony were Cardinal Lopez Rodriquez and the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski. St. Josemaría stayed in the same hotel in 1970, when he had to spend a day in Santo Domingo because of a problem on a trip from Mexico to Spain.

In Nairobi, Scepter publishers brought out a new Kenyan edition of The Way of the Cross.

In Hong Kong, Spring Publications released the second edition of Furrow in traditional Chinese, with a print run of 1,500 copies.

The Corporation for Studies and Publications, in Quito, has published the first Ecuatorian edition of The Forge. It was presented on April 20 at the Simon Bolivar Convention Center in Guayaquil. Archbishop Antonio Arregui offered some theological considerations on the contents of the book.

In April, the Parisian publisher Le Laurier brought out the third French edition of Christ Is Passing By. Ares Publishers in Milan has also published the 9th Italian edition of the same book.

In June, the weekly newspaper Druzina of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana published the homily “Zvestoba Cerkvi” [Loyalty to the Church] in Slovenian. In Brazil, the publisher Quadrante brought out the homily Passionately Loving the World, with a theological commentary by Pedro Rodriguez.

Un cammino attraverso il mondo, an anthology of St. Josemaría’s writings published at the end of 2008 by Lindau (Turin, Italy), was presented during the first half of 2009 in the cities of Alcamo (Trapani), Agrigento, Verona, Turin, Rome and Milan. The editor of the book is Fr. John Wauck, professor of literature and communications at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

The Spanish collection Noticias Cristianas “Testigos para el siglo XXI” [Christian news: witnesses for the 21st century] directed by Joaquin Monrós, has brought out the booklet St. Josemaría Escrivá: Loving God in the Ordinary, written by Pedro Estaún Villoslada, with pictures by Maria de los Angeles Jimenez de Anta.

In Rome, a presentation ceremony was held for the book Josemaría Escrivá, Santo, published by Ares. It collects the most important documents of the Founder of Opus Dei’s Cause of Canonization. Its author is the former Postulator of the Cause, Msgr. Flavio Capucci.

Francisco Varo, professor of Sacred Scripture at the University of Navarra, edited, in connection with the Pauline Year, the book Alegres con esperanza. Textos de San Pablo meditados por San Josemaria [A Joyful Hope: texts of St. Paul meditated on by St. Josemaría]. It was published by Rialp, in Madrid. Varo comments on 37 passages from St. Paul’s letters that St. Josemaría compiled in 1933, and that he used frequently for his personal prayer and preaching.

Romana, No. 48, January-June 2009, p. 119-120.