Monterrey, Mexico -- Humanizing technology

Located in a major industrial city of northeast Mexico, the Panamerican Center for the Humanities has as one of its aims the “humanization” of technology. As has happened throughout the world, progress in technology has often gone hand in hand with the loss of vital humanistic values. To foster appreciation for the humanities, the Panamerican Center was founded some two decades ago by 40 businessmen interested in deepening their ethical knowledge. The first program was entitled “Values and Culture in the West.” At present more than 600 people attend classes at the Center each week. Almost every afternoon and evening, courses are offered for businessmen, educators, and other persons interested in improving their culture. In the mornings classes are organized for people interested in philosophy.

In the context of the International Conference for Families that took place the previous year in Mexico, the Panamerican Center for the Humanities organized an event entitled, “The Answer is the Family,” which attracted more than 400 participants, among them professors from various universities. The closing talk was given by Cardinal Francisco Robles, Archbishop of Monterrey. At present the Panamerican Center for the Humanities offers two Masters degrees: one in Humanistic Studies and the other in Anthropology and Ethics. It also publishes a journal entitled Intellecto.

Romana, n. 49, July-December 2009, p. 347-348.

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