Montreal, Canada -- Fifty years listening to students

The Montboisé/Fonteneige University Residence, adjacent to the University of Montreal, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with several open houses, a concert and reunions of the classes of university women who have been residents. The founder of the residence, Laly Martin, took possession of the house that was to be the future Montboisé university residence on July 16, 1956. After a short period of formation in Rome with the Founder of Opus Dei, Laly and three others embarked on the great adventure of initiating the apostolic work of Opus Dei with women in Canada. The Montboisé university residence still conserves the family milieu of its first year of activity in 1959. “The young women came to study and they found, in the cordial climate of life in the residence, an unequivocal expression of Christian life,” Laly Martin said during the anniversary celebration.

Romana, n. 49, July-December 2009, p. 353.

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