São Paulo, Brazil -- Quality Religious Information

The International Institute of Social Sciences organized two seminars on “religious communication” at its principal site in São Paulo from September 8 to 11. The title of the first of these was: “Quality Religious Information: responding better to consumers’ demands.” Those taking part were journalists specializing in religious information in the principle media of Brazil and other Latin American countries. The second seminar, aimed particularly at those responsible for communication in the dioceses of Brazil, was entitled “Communication in the Church: Methods, Values, Professionalism.”

Both seminars had the support of various bishops, who are well aware of the importance of the media for the new evangelization. Among the participants were Luiz Paulo Horda, journalist for “O Globo” of Brazil; John Allen, a Vatican analyst for the CNN network; Juan Manuel Mora, vice-rector of the University of Navarra; Diego Contreras, dean of the school of Church Communications at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Also attending were Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo, and Archbishop Raymundo Damasceno Assis, the president of the Latin American Bishops’ Conference (CELAM).

The International Institute of Social Sciences is a university level institution that offers specializations and post-graduate courses in various areas such as Health Sciences, Communications, Law, Humanities and Education to Latin American professionals. It operates in conjunction with various universities in the Americas and Europe. Since beginning in Brazil in 1972, it has provided formation to more than twelve thousand professionals.

Romana, n. 49, July-December 2009, p. 347.

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