Nairobi, Kenya -- In Africa, for the promotion of women

On July 28, a group of fifteen Italian university women landed in Nairobi to participate in an international volunteer program in Kenya. The students from the Porta Nevia University Residence of Rome and the Campus Bio-Medico came to Nairobi to assist the Kianda Foundation, an association founded in 1961 to further the cultural, professional, social, and spiritual development of women in Kenya. The women, most of whom are studying the health sciences, worked for two weeks in the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, where they had the possibility of visiting the sick and studying clinical cases. Part of the day was dedicated to other services, such as cleaning the public areas and preparing meals in various orphanages. They also gathered information about the nutrition of the local population, aimed at improving eating habits in the area, and helped out in a campaign to eradicate skin parasites. The young women also had the opportunity to attend conferences given by professionals at Moi University and at Strathmore University in Nairobi

Romana, n. 55, July-December 2012, p. 370-371.

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