Videos on the Faith of Young People

Since October 2012, in connection with the Year of Faith, the web page www.opusdei.org has offered a series of brief videos about faith and young people under the title “What faith means when you’re 20.” These try to show how the faith is lived by young people today with their characteristic qualities: great ideals, enthusiasm, liveliness, desire to change the world, etc. In October a video with brief comments from young people all over the world introduced the series, and in November the video “Wanting to know more” was screened, featuring a young woman from Chicago. In December the featured video was “Faith leads to service,” in which Alberto, an Argentinean student, talks abut how his faith helps him to respond to the needs of those around him. Each video can be seen with subtitles in more than ten languages.

Romana, No. 55, July-December 2012, p. 364.

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