Eucharistic Celebrations on the Feast of St. Josemaría

On the liturgical commemoration of St. Josemaría, June 26, the Prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Echevarría, celebrated Mass in the Basilica of St. Eugene in Rome. As in other years, we are publishing in this issue the homily he gave at this Eucharistic celebration. Many other Masses were celebrated for this feast in cities around the world. In Paris, for example, there was one on June 20 in the cathedral of Notre Dame, celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Eric of Moulins-Beaufort who explained in his homily that the mystery of Notre Dame is still alive, and it attracts multitudes because it is a building moved by faith, a faith that continues to shine forth today. In the Year of Faith he encouraged the faithful to mature in this virtue, to obtain from God a faith like that of St. Josemaría. At the end of the ceremony, the faithful who filled the cathedral, were able to venerate the Holy Crown of Thorns, a relic of the passion of our Lord preserved there.

Romana, n. 56, January-June 2013, p. 98.

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