Nairobi, Kenya -- Eastlands College of Technology

The Strathmore Educational Trust has inaugurated the new seat of Eastlands College of Technology, a center for professional formation for 800 students, located in a heavily populated suburb of Nairobi. The director of the sponsoring foundation, Andrés Olea, explained that “this new seat, after twelve years spent in provisional quarters, has been made possible thanks to help from local people and from those in countries such as Spain and Belgium.”

Half of the forty million people in Kenya are younger than 25, and the rate of unemployment among young people is almost 80%. Eastlands College of Technology is seeking to tackle this social problem by providing training to young men so that they can have access to jobs requiring technical skills, while also giving the young people the knowledge needed to start their own micro-enterprises.

Romana, n. 60, January-June 2015, p. 124-125.

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