Paris, France -- Donations for Saxum

In France, various gatherings were organized to explain the Saxum project and to help raise funds for it.

The first of these was a piano recital held in Lyon, with over 200 people attending. After the presentation of the Saxum project, the pianist Anne Bertin-Hugault interpreted pieces by Liszt.

A second concert, this time consisting of vocal music, took place in the Garnelles Cultural Center in Paris. Franz Schubert’s “Winter Trip” (Winterreise) was the featured piece of music. In line with Saxum’s aim to foster interreligious dialogue, the concert held in a center of Opus Dei included people from other religions. The person singing and his son who played the piano were Jewish, and the presenter was a Muslim. The latter explained each of the 21 sections of the work before its presentation. At the end of the recital an appetizer was offered, prepared in accord with the dietary prescriptions of each religion.

Romana, n. 60, January-June 2015, p. 128.

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