Torun, Poland -- The Joy of Service

On May 16, in the John Paul II Center for Dialogue in Torun, a conference entitled “The Joy of Service,” was held on the figure of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo. It was organized by the School of Theology at the Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun. Among the speakers were Pawel Skibinski, professor of history of the twentieth Century at the University of Warsaw, and a biographer of Blessed Alvaro; Ignacio Soler, a priest of Opus Dei who is a member of the Centro Józefológico de Kalisz; Rev. Jacek Polowianiuk, a canon lawyer and assistant professor in the School of Administration and Social Sciences at the Polytechnical University of Warsaw; and Rev. Jan Uchwat, spiritual director of the diocesan seminary of Gdansk and professor of Moral Theology and Bioethics.

Romana, No. 60, January-June 2015, p. 126-127.