Conference on The 'Anthropological Question' and the Evangelization of the Family, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome

On March 12-13, the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome organized the interdisciplinary conference “Marriage and the Family: the ‘Anthropological Question’ and the Evangelization of the Family.” Sponsored by the School of Canon Law, the initiative was aimed at reflecting on the nature of marriage and the family in the period between the two synods.

The conference welcomed the interventions of Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, Archbishop of Bologna; Professor Pedro Juan Viladrich, from the University of Navarra; and Msgr. Paolo Bianchi, Judicial Vicar of the Regional Tribunal of Lombardy. In addition, papers were presented by a number of professors from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and other university institutions.

The event also included the participation of people with extensive experience in this area, including Claudio and Laura Gentili, from the Betania Center in Rome; Patrizio and Daniela Romano, in charge of the FarFamiglia project; and the lawyer Bruno Roma. Thanks to their experience, practical guidelines were suggested for preparing people for marriage and accompanying couples in difficult situations.

Romana, n. 60, January-June 2015, p. 116.

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